Slasher Sam now available at Auckland Libraries

Beware Auckland, SLASHER SAM has been spotted at the central library!

Thankfully it’s just the book, and not the notorious serial killer, who is still at large. Sam is wanted in connection with the murder of at least 22 people, and probably more.

Slasher Sam now available at Auckland Libraries

Local author Simon Petersen, who published Slasher Sam’s heinous autobiographical blog posts in book form, was delighted to see that Auckland Libraries had purchased three copies of the blackly comedic horror novel, which are available at the libraries in Blockhouse Bay, Wellsford, and in central Auckland.

“It was an absolute honour to see my book there, sitting on a shelf alongside novels by Stephen King and Dean Koontz,” he said. “It’s also pleasing to see my local property rates going to a good cause for once, instead of essential services like rubbish collection, improving public transport, and maintaining our city’s parks.”

In cyberspace, EVERYONE can hear you scream!

Dismayed that the slasher movie genre is currently deader than a Crystal Lake camper on Friday the 13th, ‘Slasher Sam’ is bringing new life to the art form by ending the lives of mischievous campers, misbehaving teenagers, unruly party-goers, and anyone else who breaks one of the fundamental rules of being in a slasher movie.

Read it before you go offline… permanently 💀

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